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    Access Add-In (Windows Vista Ultimate)

    I am using Access 2003 on a Windows Vista Ultimate computer.

    I have tried, unsuccessfully, to run a highly useful Microsoft Access Add-in called MZ-Tools. This program has a set of VBA tools.

    The program installs correctly, or at least seems to, but as soon as I try to enter the VBA editor I get the following 2 messages...
    1 "The Windows clipboard cannot be used. Perhaps it is locked by other application."
    2 "The Add-In could not create a button.

    So something is locking the Windows Clipboard. But it would seem as if, actually, that MZ-Tools itself is locking the clipboard. MZ-Tools needs to be able to use the clipboard to install an add-in button.

    I have corresponded with the maker of MZ-Tools but we have been unable to come up with a fix.

    Has anybody encountered the clipboard locking?
    How does one figure out why it's being locked and by what program?



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    Re: Access Add-In (Windows Vista Ultimate)

    If Carlos Quintero doesn't know how to fix it, I doubt that we can...

    (I assume that you've made sure that you have the latest version. Early releases of MZ-Tools 3.0 were not fully compatible with Vista)

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    Re: Access Add-In (Windows Vista Ultimate)

    Hi Tom,
    I am probably restating the obvious, but is the version you downloaded later than September 2008? The FAQ on the MZ-Tools website indicates some workaround was implemented in later versions. Also, does your user have administrative priviledges - we have seen issues when it was installed without using Run As Administrator.

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