As some of you will have noticed, the recent move to our new server has temporarily resulted in a few lost features! We are working on resolving these problems as quickly as we can, so please bear with us a little longer.
<hr>Known issues:

Email: Notifications of posts, digests and password requests are currently affected. If you are a newly registered Lounger, or wish to retrieve your password, please email and we will manually set your new password. (Note that The Lounge is manned by volunteers, but we'll do our best to respond quickly!)
** Update 22-Jan-09: E-mails are being sent again, but some ISPs may still block them, and there may still be temporary disruptions.

User-pics: It is currently not possible to upload a graphic when editing your profile.
** Update 13-Jan-09: This has now been fixed.

Help: The Help files are unavailable - please post any requests for guidance in the Lounge Matters Forum.
** Update 20-Jan-09: This has now been fixed too.

Browsing speed: We are experiencing erratic periods of slow connection speed that we can not account for. This generally results in the top section of the Lounge web pages loading, followed by a delay in rendering the remainder.

Updates and further notices will be posted here as we get them - please accept our apologies for the inconvenience this is causing you!