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Thread: Forms (2003)

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    Forms (2003)

    A friend asked if it was possible to obtain a drop down list ordered Last Name, First Name when the To button of a new message was clicked. This problem is now solved but it aroused my curiousity about Forms in Outlook. In this example, I could not work out where the first column 'Name' of the drop down list obtained its data; there is no such field in Contacts which is the only address book I have in Outlook.

    Outlook Forms Help tells me to open the form I'm interested in (New Message) then Tools |Forms | Design this Form and then click View Code to see the code. All I get is a blank window.

    How can I find out what happens when the To button is clicked? Do I have to have the full Visual Basic for Applications package or is it like VB in Access and I just can't get to it?

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    Re: Forms (2003)

    The To button is a built-in button, not a custom button created by you, so there is no VBA code associated with it. The To button executes some internal Outlook code. There is no way to inspect this code.

    The Name column in the Select Names dialog appears to correspond to the File As field in the Contact form.

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