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    Compressing PDFs (Vista Home Premium)

    My son-in-law has a large collection of PDF files (all sheet music for band) that he wants to compress to fit onto a single CD-ROM. (He needs to use CD-ROM, not DVD.) Just some general questions:

    1. How far can one go with compressing PDFs? I know text files are highly compressible; JPG files are less so. Don't know about PDF.)
    2. How capable is Vista's built-in file zipper versus an after-market product, such as WinZip?

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    Re: Compressing PDFs (Vista Home Premium)

    PDF files are already compressed. The 'compressed folder' utility built into Windows and 'traditional' WinZip compress them by only 5% - 10%. Newer, more efficient algorithms (such as that in WinZip 12) improve somewhat on that, but for most files the compression factor stays below 25%. The factor depends very much on the files though, so it's best to try it and take a look at the results.

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