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    Calendar View (Outlook 97)

    I like my outlook calendar to appear with the day on the left, the month on the top right, and the task pad on the bottom right - I thought that this was the default for 97. However, lately every time I start up in the morning the day covers the entire screen and the month and task pad are nowhere to be found even though the "View Name" at the top of the screen is mine. It always takes me several minutes of goofing around to get the screen back like I want it then it will stay that way until I reboot. BTW I always shutdown Outlook by clicking File and "Exit and Log Off". So where am I going wrong?
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    Re: Calendar View (Outlook 97)

    The most likely explaination is that the left hand border of the pane with the calendar and task list has been dragged to the right hand edge of the screen thus hidding it. if you place your cursor on the right hand border where the cursor changes shape you should be able to drag it back.

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