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    microsoft sound recorder (XP ser. pack 3)

    I have unsuccessfully tried to see where I could find any previous postings on this forum about Microsoft Sound Recorder. Is there any way to access previous forum discussions on any subject in case my question has been dealt with previously, please. I hope that I am in the correct ' department ' for this subject, but I couldn't see a place for Accessories. I have found the Sound Recorder ( Ver. 5.1 ) from All Programs > Accessories > Entertainment > Sound Recorder. I record the message with the microphone but I noticed that the horizontal green line hardly flutters. After recording I go to Play in the Sound Recorder window but the playback is so quiet that I can hardly hear it. I have to go to Effects in the Recorder toolbar and choose
    ' Increase Volume by 25percent '. I need to repeat this about 20 times and then the playback volume is good. The green line now flickers a lot also. I can save the recording as a Wav file on my desktop, which plays back immediately at the increased volume.
    I'm sure that there must be a way to record at the louder volume in the first place but I can't see how to do it.
    Has anyone any advice on how to eliminate the need to manually increase the playback volume please. Thank you. Dave Dale.

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    Re: microsoft sound recorder (XP ser. pack 3)

    Try using the sound and audio devices control panel applet. Click on the Voice tab and adjust the volume setting for the microphone.


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