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    Slippery Links (2003 SP 2)

    I need to share macros with others in a group. I took a blank spreadsheet, and created toolbars. Some of the buttons linked to less-used Excel functions, and others linked to the macros I have written. I dutifully attached the toolbars to the work sheet and saved the worksheet as an .xls file and also Saved-As an .xla file.

    When I exited and reloaded Excel and the spreadsheet, I didn't get quite what I expected.

    The toolbars reappeared (good)
    They had managed to keep their little button images (good)
    The buttons that linked to Excel functions were still linked (good), but
    the buttons that linked to my own macros had lost both the link and the descriptive name -- they had all reverted to "Custom button" (not good at all).

    This is my first try at creating an add-in, so the solution is probably laughably simple ....

    I did specifically link the buttons to macros in the worksheet only -- nothing in PERSONAL.XLS.

    Many thanks,


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    Re: Slippery Links (2003 SP 2)

    It's best to delete the toolbar each time the workbook/add-in is closed, so that it is reloaded from the workbook/add-in each time.
    It's also possible to create the toolbar anew each time the workbook/add-in is opened.

    See Jan Karel Pieterse's series of articles Create Addins.

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    Re: Slippery Links (2003 SP 2)

    I'll explain in short what it says in one of the (my) pages Hans has referred to, just so the cause of your problem is also listed here.

    This has happened because you attached the toolbar <font color=red>and then changed it</font color=red>.
    After a change to the toolbar you need to re-attach it to the workbook. Changes are done to the toolbar that is stored on your system, not to the toolbar attached to the workbook.

    And if you want your users to always have your most recent toolbar, you need code that deletes the toolbar from their system once your file is closed. Next time they load your file, their Excel will extract the toolbar from the file again and thus have your latest version.
    Jan Karel Pieterse
    Microsoft Excel MVP, WMVP
    Professional Office Developers Association

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