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    Left-over uninstall temp files

    in the C:Windows directory there are a bunch of files similar to "$NTUninstallB873339$" in a blue format. Should these files be deleted?

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    Re: Left-over uninstall temp files

    They are folders, actually. The blue color means that they are compressed to save disk space.

    The $NTUninstall... folders contain the information needed to uninstall an update from Microsoft. For example the folder $NtUninstallKB958687$ is associated with the update described in MSKB article 958657 (MS09-001: Vulnerabilities in SMB could allow remote code execution).

    If you are absolutely sure that you won't ever want to uninstall these updates, and if you need the disk space, you can delete the $NTUninstall folders. Otherwise, I'd leave them alone. Most of them don't take up a lot of space anyway.

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