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    Query question (2003)

    I have a field Client name. For that client there are broker names. There is another field called Broker type which has either standard or preferred. A client can have two brokers - one could be preferred and one could be standard. There is another field for contracts. What I want to do is put standard and preferred as headings and then separate the broker field into those two columns. I tried a crosstab but maybe I am doing something wrong.

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    Re: Query question (2003)

    Try this:
    - Create a query based on the table.
    - Select Query | Crosstab Query.
    - Add the Client Name, Broker Type and Broker Name fields to the query grid.
    - Set the Total option for the Broker Name field to First (for the oher two, leave it at the default Group By).
    - Set the Crosstab option for Client Name to Row Header.
    - Set the Crosstab option for Broker Type to Column Header.
    - Set the Crosstab option for Broker Name to Value.

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