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    > Word 2000 Corrupt Files/Fonts (Word 2000)

    We are experiencing an issue with versions of Word > 2000

    I am using Word 2000
    I have created an RTF template that we generate data into
    The template is created with the font arial
    When I generate my data, the file generated works fine for me

    Anyone that is on a version of Word that is greater than 2000 has problems
    They can open/save the template with no problems
    But, the file that is generated with data into it will not open and states that it is corrupt/recover file etc
    If I change the template so that the font is anything other than Arial, for example Verdana, then the document is created fine with no errors

    We have had other customers that have issues with rtf's and these versions of Word

    Does anyone know of any such issue? And if so, how it can be resolved?
    The font of my template must be Arial

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    Re: > Word 2000 Corrupt Files/Fonts (Word 2000)

    Can the users of later versions use the Open and Repair option?
    - Start Word.
    - Select File | Open...
    - Select the RTF file.
    - Click the dropdown arrow on the right hand side of the Open button.
    - Select Open and Repair.

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