Apologies to Loungers to whom this is "old news." But to those Loungers who persist in using Internet Explorer (like me), who download/install Windows Updates manually (like me) and who aren't as tuned in to computer-world news as the IT folks, please note that there was a SPECIAL-SUPER-URGENT-HIGH-PRIORITY Windows Update involving Internet Explorer (all versions) that Microsoft released in the middle of December (outside the normal monthly cycle).

I never heard about it until yesterday. It looks like maybe its only Lounge mentions have been in the Computer Security and Backup forum (which I don't normally browse). I applied it this weekend along with the rest of the December patches -- just ahead of the arrival of the January patches, which is my usual practice (as recommended by Our Man Woody). For this particular patch, that was apparently very late.

In any event, the KB ID for the patch is 960714, and if you haven't installed it yet, you should do so without further delay. If you want more info, take a look at <!post=this thread,748,734>this thread<!/post>.

This has been a public service announcement.