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    View selection at start-up (Word 2000 (basic))

    I have Word 2000 on my home computer and, when I start Word, the blank, new document always comes up in View-Normal mode. I always prefer to work in View-Page Layout mode and cannot see any way to make Word default to View-Page Layout at start-up. At work, I use Word 97 and it always seems to default to the last mode selected. I have tried opening, selecting View-Page Layout and saving it; but it made no difference in how the program behaved. Does anybody out there know how to force Word 2000 to default to View-Page Layout?

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    Re: View selection at start-up (Word 2000 (basic))

    Hi llynrice,

    One step you may have not added when changing the view in is to dirty the template. If a physical change (an Undo will be available in the list) to the document doesn't take place then the document/template isn't actually saved.

    Try changing the default view again in, but add a space then press <Backspace> prior to saving.
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