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    Annoying picture placeholders (Outlook 2007 SP1 on Vista 64)

    I have picture placeholders appearing from what seems to be only one sender. This is a daily comics subscription. The comics appear fine, but the graphics for the title of each comics get the picture placeholders. I get another comics subscription from another provider, but there are no problems. I sent copies to my Yahoo! and Gmail accounts and the headers are there just fine. Also, my family, who runs Outlook 2003 and WinXP SP2 get the headers just fine. While I could tolerate the picture placeholders, a related problem with this is that when I send this email to my family, it takes FOREVER to send, leaving Outlook useless until it finally does.

    This sender is one of my Safe Senders and I confirmed that in Options, Junk Email..., Safe Senders. I've tried unchecking "Disable links and other functionality in phishing messages" with no effect. I have gone in and turned on and off the various security settings in the Trust Center for Automatic Download with no effect.

    So is this an issue with a registry setting? Is there another security setting in Outlook that I didn't check? How is this an issue with just this sender and Outlook 2007 and Vista 64?



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    Re: Annoying picture placeholders (Outlook 2007 SP1 on Vista 64)

    Outlook 2007 is fundamentally different than earlier versions of Outlook: the HTML rendering is based on the restricted subset of HTML that MS Word can render, rather than the full range of HTML that Internet Explorer can render. So you should compare with other Outlook 2007 users to see whether it is Outlook or Vista.

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