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Thread: AVG 8.0

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    Re: AVG 7.5

    You have been extremely inveigled, because AVG 8 has been out for very many months!

    Best to install that, and see how things are.

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    AVG 8.0

    I recently loaded AVG 8.0 onto both my desktop and laptop, and ever since then both machines have slowed to a crawl. Internet pages take for-ev-er to load, and Outlook is very slow too. True, my computers are not the newest/highest spec, but they were fine til I loaded AVG. Has anybody had a similar experience, and more importantly, can anybody suggest a way to improve things? BTW, I have recently defragged both machines' hard discs. BTW2, I used to have AVG Free, which did not cause this problem, but Grisoft inveigled me into buying the full programme. NB This is a correction; I previously blamed all this on AVG 7.5, which is innocent. I just got the number wrong when I posted.

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    Re: AVG 8.0

    I don't use AVG, but if Outlook is slow, it may be that in addition to real-time protection for regular files, you also have real-time scanning of incoming and outgoing messages for viruses or spam. You should be able to separately turn that on and off in AVG's settings, if it works anything like its competitors.

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