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    MailMerge to email (2003)

    I am using Word's MailMerge feature to email approximately 100 individual recipients. The email addresses are drawn from a separate Excel spreadsheet. I need to attach a separate document to this email as part of the MailMerge email process. Is this possible? Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Re: MailMerge to email (2003)

    Word's mail merge to e-mail feature doesn't support adding another document as attachment.
    You could write VBA code to create the e-mails, fetch the addressees from the Excel sheet and attach the other document. This would involve automating two Office apps from a third one, and require a good working knowledge of Word, Excel and Outlook VBA. See Merging With Attachments for an example, and note the warning about the security prompts you'll get and how to suppress them.

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