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    event registration in 2000

    I am stalled in implementing Tom Howe's Office Calendar application on my 2000 server. I can't register the events with each user's calendar. Has anyone tricks for doing this? I am not sure how I run a CSCRIPT script, but if I could do that, I can use the regevnt.vbs that is with EDK.

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    Re: event registration in 2000

    CSCRIPT.EXE is in the command path on Windows 98, and probably Windows 2000. Thus, if you can get the user to run a batch file (e.g., at logon), you can run the .vbs file this way:

    REM Update Windows 9x
    if "%OS%"=="" start /wait CScript.exe PDCnetlogonmyscript.vbs
    REM Update Windows NT/2000
    if "%OS%"=="Windows_NT" "CScript.exe PDCnetlogonmyscript.vbs"

    (We actually have not tested this, to my knowledge, but it should be very close!)

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