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    Graphics don't appear for some users (2007)

    I have send Word documents many times now to other coworkers in India for some exercises we are doing. These contain a screen shot. I can see the screen shot. When they send the picture back to me I can still see the screen shot, but they cannot see it while they are working on the document.

    All they see is an outline the same size as the graphic, but it is white inside except for a red X in the upper left corner. I have attached a screen shot of what it looks like.

    I have confirmed that "Show picture place holders" is OFF.

    What would cause this to look this way for everyone else except me?

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    Re: Graphics don't appear for some users (2007)

    It could be the graphics card and driver - your coworkers should make sure that they have the latest driver for the video card.
    Sometimes it helps to reduce hardware acceleration (in Windows XP and before, I don't think it applies to Windows Vista):
    - Activate the Display Properties control panel.
    - Activate the Settings tab.
    - Click Advanced...
    - Activate the Troubleshoot tab.
    - Drag the 'Hardware acceleration' slider one or two notches to the left.
    - Click OK.
    If it doesn't help, restore the original setting.

    It could also be due to a lack of resources (memory).

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    Re: Graphics don't appear for some users (2007)

    Two other thoughts:

    Is the picture just a picture, or is it an {INCLUDEPICTURE} or {EMBED} field?

    Can they see it in any of Word 2007's views? For example, Draft vs. Print layout vs. Reading vs. Print Preview.

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