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    access report (access 2003)

    I know this question has been asked before but I couldn't find anything when I did a search so I figured it was okay to ask again. When I make a report in access and I export it to word I lose all the boxes and lines I added in the report. Is there anyway aside from using snap shot viewer to export this report with all or most of the formatting in tact? Thanks!

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    Re: access report (access 2003)

    Export to Text file, HTML or RTF is basically a text-only dump. There are two ways of exporting a report with formatting intact:

    Snapshot format (mentioned by you; exporting to snapshot is built into Access) - users who don't have Access can download the free Snapshot Viewer for Microsoft Access.

    PDF format. You need a third-party tool to create PDF files. There are generic PDF writers such as Adobe Acrobat or pdf995 that can be used from within any application. There is also a tool written especially for Access reports: Stephen Lebans' ReportToPDF (free).

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