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    Multi select list box (Accesss 2000)

    It's been a while since I've been here.
    I am creating an app for a local butcher to track his X-mas orders.
    He wants to be able to select from categories of meat (ie. Turkey, Pork, Beef) and from within that category select multiple choices applicable to that category (ie. smoked, baked, large smoked, small baked etc.).
    My approach is to create a form which has all of the categories of meat (six) shown on the form.
    When a particular category is selected, to display a list box only showing those products which are from that category.
    How do I allow the user to select multiple products from the list box and mark/tag those so that I can write them as individual line items to the orders table?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Multi select list box (Accesss 2000)

    Set the listbox property called MultiSelect to Simple or Extended (the latter is more what a Windows user expects of muli-slection behavior). To read the selections, you must (in VBA) read the contents of the collection listbox.ItemsSelected, each of which is a variant type.
    See Access help on ItemsSelected for more info and an example.

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