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    Seamless Transitions From Video to Next Slide? (20

    A client wants a presentation in which the last frame of a video is used as the background or graphic for the following slide. My experience with video in PowerPoint has been limited, and I'm concerned that aligning the video with the next slide so that the transition is pixel-perfect might be unreliable during playback. Can anyone tell me if this is simply done using a screen grab of the last frame, and/or direct me to any site that might give further instruction?

    If I missed a thread addressing this, apologies, and thanks for the benefit of your expertise.

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    Re: Seamless Transitions From Video to Next Slide? (20

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    If you can get a reasonable quality screenshot of the last frame, that might work well. You might be able to get a better result by using software to extract the frame. The free utility Irfanview can do this for .avi and .wmv videos, for example.

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