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    Package and Deploy - to user templates folder? (2000)

    <P ID="edit" class=small>Edited by jscher2000 on 02-Sep-01 11:20.</P>I want to distrbute a template with the cool date/time picker in MSCOMCT2.OCX, which I can do with the Package and Deployment Wizard. But the wizard does not appear to know a way to dynamically find the User Templates directory.

    Any recommended alternatives? The Windows Installer is slick, but the documentation is pretty discouraging. Is there a wizard for the Windows Installer?

    (The fallback, of course, and what I have done up to now, is to distribute a link to an installer .doc (actually, a template) that uses VBA to handle everything. This has encountered macro security and other problems, so I'm looking for as much automation as possible.)


    Current version uses an installer document that copies the template to the correct folder (easy to do). It then checks for the presence of MSCOMCT2.OCX in either c:windowssystem or c:winntsystem32 and, if it does not find it, shells to setup.exe to install it. I created the install package in Office Developer as you normally would, but in the wizard unchecked the template itself, since it would be pointless to have it anywhere else on the machine. This seems to work, but is pretty clunky. Other suggestions still would be appreciated.

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    Re: Package and Deploy - to user templates folder? (2000)

    The "wizard" for Windows Installer is either InstallShield or Wise Installer. Either one is big $$$ and pointless if you're only going to use it once or a few times. The Windows Installer is so complicated that I wouldn't advise trying to build a package without assistance.

    If you have Visual Studio, it contains a cut-down version of an earlier InstallShield that could do the job. This is a simpler, script-driven program that doesn't use the Windows Installer engine.

    In either case you face a pretty steep learning curve to get something that works, let alone something "slick". (My day job involves making "slick" installations -- it's a full-time learning experience.) Since you already have a package that works, be happy! <img src=/S/grin.gif border=0 alt=grin width=15 height=15>

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