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    First time it worked, now it don't! vba. (Access 2000)

    This is an interesting problem since the first time I ran this code it worked perfectly, creating a set of HTML files containing subsets of the data held in my flat file database. However since then (I haven't changed a thing!) it produces a set of empty HTML files with only 1 or 2 containing any data. The data seems to be random, and the HTML files populated with data is also random, although it usually includes the first generated file.
    I am attempting to generate a set of HTML files from my database using the same query with the parameter reset each time. The parameter value is taken from a seperate query which lists the set of values required. The code is attached below. The first loop takes each value from the list and sets the parameter. The second loop adds all the records from the query using the parameter to a temporary table. This table is then exported in HTML format.
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