I am running Outlook 2k -SR1 on Win2k Professional

I had made some simple customizations to my menu in the past, enabling and disabling various buttons.
Today I tried to go into the menu "Customize" option and Outlook immediately crashed giving me the error: "Oulook.exe has genereated errors and will be closed by Windows"

It crashes trying to access "Customize" on any of the main form toolbars no matter what app is selected (Contact, Email etc) . However I can access toolbar "customize" from all of the drill-out child forms ie Contact, Email

I have tried a number of things including:
-Removed OL2k completely
-Deleted the contents of Cocuments and SettingschrisApplication DataMicrosoftOutlook (which includes outcmd.dat)
-Rereinstalled OL2k

Any ideas what I should try next?