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    Character Formatting Tip (97/2000)

    If you create a character format style, then apply it to the last word(s) in a paragraph, when you press Enter to begin a new paragraph, the new paragraph will continue with the character format, and the paragraph mark in between the two paragraphs will appear in the character style.

    If you try to fix the second paragraph by selecting it and reapplying the "Normal" (or other) paragraph formatting, the characters do not respond. It is very annoying and counter-intuitive.

    Later, I figured out why this happens. The character style is like a toggle, turning on or off an overlay over the paragraph format. By choosing the character format, you have toggled the character format on. All you have to do is toggle it off. How?

    To toggle it off, choose "Default Paragraph Font" (a character style) from the style list. This is like the character-style equivalent of "Normal"; every document has it. To fix text that is already messed up, simply select the text you want to be back to normal, then apply the "Default Paragraph Font" style. This works for fixing paragraph marks too.

    Thought this would be a tip worth sharing. Enjoy!

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    Re: Character Formatting Tip (97/2000)

    Even easier is Ctrl-Spacebar which will return the character formatting to it's base.
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