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    Looking for a Youth Trip Database (2003/SP3)

    Our church has several trips for our Youth Group each year. The pastor that is in charge keeps track of everything on an Excel spreadsheet and starts a new one for each trip.

    I want to try and put together a database that will help to keep track of all of the information. We have 2-4 trips each year and besides people, addresses, phone numbers and such, I need to have entries for things such as departure dates and return dates, (not everyone does that on the same date) T-shirt sizes and even which van that they will be traveling in. I think I can put it together but I thought that if somebody has already done it, if they want to share, maybe I can find one that is close to what I want. I don't expect to find an exact match. If anyone has something like that and you are willing to let me use it, please let me know. Thanks.

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    Re: Looking for a Youth Trip Database (2003/SP3)

    You would get more value if you developed it yourself.

    It's not a big job.

    Main tables required are:
    People (with names,ddresses etc)
    Trips (Startdate, Enddate, description etc)
    TripsParticipants (who's going on them)

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