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Thread: Roo Tale

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    Re: Roo Tale

    Thanks John, very poignant!

    On a more light-hearted note we have news from <img src=/S/flags/Switzerland.gif border=0 alt=Switzerland width=18 height=18> with an <img src=/S/flags/Australia.gif border=0 alt=Australia width=30 height=18> connection:

    Cosmos the reindeer recaptured after Christmas escape

    A reindeer named Cosmos, who disappeared in the Obwald region before Christmas, has been found, and returned to his stable. Cosmos escaped while on a excursion with his owner, who runs trekking tours in the mountains. It’s thought he was startled by a sledger, and broke away from his harness. Locals tried a series of tactics to recapture the reindeer, even trying to lure him back with a didgeridoo. Finally, a park ranger was able to shoot him with a tranquiliser dart yesterday, and he’s now been returned to his owner. Experts say Cosmos is in good health, and that he’ll soon be able to rejoin his herd.

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