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    tab control (access 2002)

    G'day, thank you those people who have helped me in the past. I really appreciate the knowledge passed on to me!
    I would like to switch from one page to another on a tab control. Obviously, this is simply a matter of clicking on the required tab. However, I would like to achieve the same end by clicking a button elsewhere on the form. That way I can achieve much more by automating a process and making it far easier to control my users, without teaching them too much.
    Can someone please tell me if this is possible, and how to achieve it?
    Regards, mccer

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    Re: tab control (access 2002)

    You can do this by setting the Value property of the tab control. This corresponds to the zero-based index of the active tab, i.e. setting the value to 0 activates the first tab, and setting the value to 4 activates the fifth tab. So you could use the following in the On Click event of a command button named cmdSwitch to activate the fourth tab of a tab control named ctlTab.

    Private Sub cmdSwitch_Click()
    Me.ctlTab.Value = 3
    End Sub

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