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    Downloading files from a hyperlink? (Excel 2002)

    My apologies if this should be in a different forum - it may touch on a few.

    For years I have been in the habit of downloading monthly files from my bank for my Savings, Checking and Credit card transactions. I download each in both .csv and Quicken format, but that's not the problem.
    The download is made of data currently displayed on the screen - I choose the format to be downloaded and click the Download button. I get the popup where I can Open, Save or Cancel; I select Save, and then choose the location.
    This past month (while this website was being moved) I for some reason unchecked the "Always ask before opening this type of file" checkbox in that popup window - I was thinking of the extra popup you get when about to open a potentially dangerous file type. As a result of this brain fart, all the monthly files would only open in a new window, which was definitely NOT what I wanted. Try as I might, I could not discover a way to undo the change I had made.

    I tried using the method of going to File Types in Windows Explorer, but what i was told to check or uncheck in order to restore the setting - was still checked or unchecked (the changes I was supposed to make were already made - or rather, had never been UNmade).

    I finally came across an article that provided me with the solution to my problem - here is a link to that article:

    Here are the steps I followed in order to restore my "Always ask before opening this type of file" checkmark (quoted from the linked article above):

    <font color=448800> Close Excel and from Windows use Start>Run. Type in

    C:MyPathExcel.exe /unregserver

    then do the same thing, but type

    C:MyPathExcel.exe /regserver

    Replace MyPath with the actual path to Excel.exe. Neither of these commands will start Excel, but they will rewrite the registry items associated with Excel. I’ve never had to type the path, I’ve just used

    Excel.exe /regserver

    but better safe than sorry.
    </font color=448800>
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    Re: Downloading files from a hyperlink? (Excel 2002)

    Thanks for this fix Don. Its really great to know what to do if something unforseen happens!

    I am aware of this Excel/Regserver fix and know of another problem it can fix. So let me just add it to this thread for others to know about aswell.

    Double-clicking an Excel file does not work

    Normally, double-clicking an XLS file starts Excel and opens that file. If this doesn't work for you, you'll need to re-register Excel. Do so:
    <pre>1. Close Excel
    2. Click the Windows Start button
    3. Click Run, to display the Run dialog box
    4. Type the following: excel / regserver, and click OK
    5. You'll see a message box that displays the progress. When the message box closes, Excel should be back to normal.


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    Re: Downloading files from a hyperlink? (Excel 2002)

    Re-registering Excel might be a bit drastic because it may reset other options too. If double-clicking an Excel workbook in Windows Explorer doesn't work, you can try the following:
    - In Excel, make sure that the "Ignore other applications" check box in the General tab of Tools | Options... is cleared.
    - Right-click an Excel workbook in Windows Explorer, select Open With > Choose Program... from the popup menu. Choose Microsoft Excel in the list of programs and tick the check box "Always use this program to open this kind of file", then click OK.

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