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    Outlook Calendar Invite Button (2003 SP3)

    Is there anyway to add a 'button' within Excel that automatically picks up a date from a column and creates an Outlook calendar invite? Basically, I have a list of dates regarding next year's budget in a spreadsheet. If someone wants to add the information regarding a specific meeting, they could just click the button next to the date and it would automatically open up a calendar invite dialog box that they can add. Hope that made sense.


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    Re: Outlook Calendar Invite Button (2003 SP3)

    Opening the generic 'new appointment' window is very easy. You can use this line in the code behind the button:

    Shell "outlook /c ipm.appointment"

    But if you want to set the start and end times, you'd need to use Automation to control Outlook from Excel. you can find an example of such code in <post:=274,138>post 274,138</post:>.

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