An elderly friend just sent me this request for assistance. He is not very PC savy and I don't want to confuse him and/or make things worse. My thought is to copy all the mail (.dbx) files from his wife's account or perhaps the entire contents of her mailbox to a floppy and then create a new mailbox for her and copy the old messages from the floppy to that mailbox. I also think it might be wise to have him try to open the .eml files in notepad to check for corruption. Am I on the right track with this or just out in leftfield somewhere ??

"One of our mailboxes (my wife's) has somehow been corrupted. The message reads " Mailbox could not be started because your folder could not be opened. It may be corrupted." Phone assistance told me to run scan disk thorough and I did. It stopped and told me to turn off all other windows/programs. How do I do that? How do I restore them after. If even that fails I'm told we must start a new mailbox for wife and will lose the 15 messages there. Also the current email address is on her business cards and we don't want to lose it. My system is still windows 95."

~Doc Watson