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    Update query (Access 2000)

    I need help in building an updater query.I have 2 tables products and offset. I want to update th field DDU with the following values depending on the size of the product :
    DDU = [products].[exworks]*2+[offset].[freight]+[offset].[oiltax]+[offset].[Packtax]
    With the above values I have built the query qryUpdateWithComponents.However my update query does not update the last value, namely packtax. This can be seen with the example from the query a1, taken for the product 487.The ddu in this example is 5.35, but this is not right, because the packtax of 0.071 is not included.How could I solve this problem ?
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    Re: Update query (Access 2000)

    You should join the tables on the size field in your update query. It will then update 291 of the 300 records. The other 9 records are not updated because they have a blank size or a size that does not occur in the offset table.

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