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    Registry Edit

    A friend deleted/uninstalled several programs from his old 486 running WIN 95. Now when he starts up his system, he gets an error message that Windows can not find a device - specifically CMAPIENG.VXD. The message goes on to say that either the Registry or System.INI is making reference to this device but can not find it. There is no reference to it in SYSTEM INI. I did a search in the Registry and found it in HKEY CURRENT USERS / SOFTWARE / MICROSOFT/ WINDOWS/ CURRENT VERSION/ EXPLORER/ DOC FIND SPEC MRU

    Would it be safe to delete this reference and might this solve the issue with the error message at start up.

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    Re: Registry Edit

    The VXD is for the McAfee/Cybermedia Uninstaller/Oil Change products.

    In general, anything in a MRU (Most Recently Used) branch can be deleted without impact.

    However, usual precautions about backing up before editing should be used.

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