I've noticed that (at least) two items of software are now using scheduled tasks, rather than registry Run keys, to check for updates of their software:
<UL><LI>AdAware Free Anniversary Edition will check for updates on Monday and Tuesday (huh?), at the time it was installed - on my machine at least
<LI>Google Earth 5.0 will check for updates after each logon[/list]Since the Google scheduled task is called GoogleUpdateTaskMachine, perhaps that will supersede the Run key's "swg" which checks for new updates to the Google Toolbar?

And how long before the Java Virtual Machine JRE update check also switches to a scheduled task?

The security implication is that malware could also add a scheduled task, which isn't readily detected by the usual checking software - Tiny Watcher will show it, but only at the next logon, when it may be too late for a virus infection...