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    Sharing Vista to Vista

    Problem description:
    Two Vista machines. Sometimes the network sharing does work, and sometimes it does not. Using Process Explorer I can see no activity that might indicate a problem. The connection seems to come and go without a pattern, other than it is gone more that it is go. Shares will work, and suddenly be unavailable.

    But the Internet is always available. On the new pc Norton 360 was provided as a freebie, but I have not completed the installation. Instead, I removed the register keys that cause the program to start up. Once I get this network problem solved I will worry about installing Norton. What I really need are ideas of where to look for possible causes. In case the texts are not perfect, I have done a rough translation from Dutch.
    Thanks to all who contribute, I am at my wits end.


    Error message:
    CHANVISTA is not accessible. You may possible not have the correct authorizations for this network source. Contact the administrator of the server if you want to know which access privileges you have.

    The Server-service has not been started.

    But if I look at the Services, the server service is shown as running.

    In the network center, I have the following on both pc's:
    Network detection: enabled
    Share files: enabled
    Share public folders: enables
    Share printers: enabled
    Password enabled sharing: disabled
    Share media: disabled

    The initial picture in the network center on both machines shows this computer connected to the network TEKST connected to the Internet.

    If I then show the complete network, both pc's are shown. Coming from each pc is a horizontal double-line, connecting these two is a single vertical line, and it looks like a single line to the switch from where they join. Further then are double lines from the switch to the gateway to the Internet.

    Physical Connectivity:

    Please describe your physical network configuration (what routers, switches, broadband connectivity etc.)
    A Sitecom router which is connected further up the line to the modem for ADSL.

    Do all PCs have ethernet cables connecting them to a common switch or router?

    Can you see green and orange lights on the network cards and switch, where the ethernet cables plug in? What state are these lights in?
    All lights are green as they should be, and one pc has a blinking yellow light to indicate date transfer. The other pc shows 2 green lights.

    If you have a hardware firewall then check that it allows the PCs to talk to each other
    There is no hardware firewall.

    If you have software firewalls on the PCs then check that they allow the PCs to talk to each other
    Windows firewall has been turned off on both systems. One system has Norton 360 installed. On this system I have disabled the Symantec Network Security Intermediate Filter Driver. Interestingly Norton always says that I am not connected to a network.

    Make sure you don't have more than one software firewall on any of the PCs. If you use a third party software firewall then the built-in Windows firewall should be turned off.
    It is turned off.

    If you have ever had any other software firewalls installed then check that they have been completely removed
    The Norton firewall has been turned off and as mentioned above the filter driver has been disabled. On the other machine I have disabled the startup of Norton.

    Temporarily turn off all firewalls (disconnect from the internet first if you can)

    IP addresses:

    Type IPCONFIG from a command prompt on each PC, what is the IP Address? What is the default gateway address? and 0.4, with 0.1 as gateway

    Can each PC access the internet?
    Yes, no problem

    Type PING a.b.c.d from a command prompt on each PC, where a.b.c.d is the gateway address from above. What output do you get?
    4x reply within 1 ms

    Type PING e.f.g.h from a command prompt on each PC, where e.f.g.h is the IP Address of the other PC. What output do you get?
    4x reply within 1 ms

    Please note, that when the network decides not to work, I also get 4x timeout which makes would normally indicate some kind of firewall blocking traffic to everything except the gateway. But the firewalls are either off or disabled.

    Type PING computername from a command prompt on each PC, where computername is the Name of the other PC. What output do you get?
    ping to chanvista: 4x reply within 1 ms
    ping to vista1: 4x reply within 1 ms

    User accounts:

    Make sure that you are using the same username and password on all PCs
    Chan and Marcella on both pc's, no passwords in use

    Make sure the guest account is enabled by typing
    net user guest /active:yes
    to a command prompt on each PC
    Done, the accounts are set active anyway via the user administration.

    Create a new (temporary) username on each PC, for example Testnet, with the same password, and log in to this account on each PC
    Not done

    Other Diagnostics:

    Start > Run > NETSH DIAG GUI, Wait for the window, Click Scan your system. Which tests pass? Which tests fail?
    Cannot run this as Vista does not recognize the DIAG parameter

    At a command prompt on each PC:


    NET USE computernameIPC$ /user:username (where computername is the name of the other computer and username is the temporary username).

    What exact error do you get?
    The requested network name is no longer available.

    NET VIEW computername (where computername is the name of the other computer). What exact error do you get?
    The requested network name is no longer available.

    NET VIEW computername (where computername is the name of the computer you are typing on). What exact error do you get?
    No error, but a list of the shared folders.

    Right click My Computer > Manage > Open Shared Folders

    Look in Sessions, Does it show a connection from the other computer?

    Look in Shares. Does it show the shared folders that you expect it to?

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    Re: Sharing Vista to Vista

    These intermittent problems can be very difficult to solve.

    In my experience networks with blank passwords either don't work at all, or don't work reliably and this is the first area that I would suspect. Please try adding the same password to your user account on both PCs and see if this cures the problem. If it does then we can try to find a solution, and if it doesn't that will at least eliminate one possible cause.

    I have seen similar problems caused by internal problems on a router. When this happens again you could try a power cycle of the router to see if this clears the problem. Before you do this will you please try the PING command between your PCs, to see if this works at the time you cannot see the shares.

    The other area that I might suspect is your firewalls, but this can be even harder to troubleshoot so lets leave that till last!!


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    Re: Sharing Vista to Vista

    Thanks for the suggestions, Stuart. Apparently Vista requires passwords, in spite of what the network center might propose. I can now share my files in one direction, which is rather odd. The first machine no longer pings the second, but the second easily maps to folders on the first. Must be a firewall problem, but no idea what. Thanks for the help, and consider this thread closed.


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