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    Editing embedded Visio Drawing (Word and Visio 2003)

    Hi, all. We have a problem here wherein people can't properly edit Visio drawings that are embedded in Word documents. When the user double-clicks on the graphic (a flow-chart, in this case, but it happens with anything), it launches Visio for in-place editing, but the user can't zoom in to the object. In fact, if the user selects a zoom level of 200%, sometimes the Word document itself appears at 200%, but the drawing is still in something like "Fit to Window." This happens regardless of whether the document is in Print Layout or Normal view at the time the user double-clicks on the graphic. While the graphic can still be edited, it's small size makes it impractical; you can't even see the arrow-heads on connectors. All other aspects seem to be normal, and clicking on the Word file "behind" the drawing returns you right to where you left off, as it should.

    The difficult part is that it's not 100% reproducible, and it only seems to affect certain users, myself included. When it DOES occur, it happens all the time with that combination of document and user, but other users always seem to be able to edit Visio objects in place.

    (I just double-checked my own workstation before posting this, and I can't even use the zoom property on files that I created myself... just to rule out "ownership" issues.)

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    Re: Editing embedded Visio Drawing (Word and Visio 2003)

    You mention that the behaviour varies between machines which implies there is a setting somewhere that is different between the machines - I can't help you with that. If the "zoomability" is your problem then I suggest you try an alternative way of editing the graphic by choosing the Open option rather than the default Edit option.

    In my experience, editing an embedded Visio diagram in Word by double-clicking is a bad idea as the Visio diagram opens with all the white space removed from the original Visio graphic. I prefer to edit these types of graphics by Right Clicking them to select Visio Object > Open which opens Visio normally to edit the graphic with the normal toolbars and window controls. You might also need to play with the Page Setup>Page Size to alter the white space around the graphic. If you alter the page size then you will probably need to modify this again after you finish editing.

    Another possible source of the inconsistency may be that the image has been stretched in Word before you attempt to edit it. Do you think that this could be a factor?
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