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    Missing recent file list (Word 2002)

    After installing Word 2002 there is no "Recently used file list" under the File menu. In the Tools/Options dialog box under General this item is grayed out. What happened? I uninstalled Word 2000 before installing Word 2002, although I am using the Normal file from Word 2000 (which has a number of items I created that I would prefer not to have to recreate again.

    Along a similar vein, the New menu item is also not present in the File menu, although I was able to add this as a button to the Standard toolbar.

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    Re: Missing recent file list (Word 2002)

    Could be there's some kind of customization in your (or any other global template) blocking these items.

    My suggestion:
    1. Check to see if any templates are being loaded automatically (Tools, Templates and Add-Ins) and remove them if they are.

    2. If this doesn't help then, leaving them removed, close Word and rename

    3. If none of this helps, we'll have to think again!


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    Re: Missing recent file list (Word 2002)

    Hi Ray:

    I'm guessing at this because I don't have Word 2002. However, someone on another list had the same problem & this was the answer from a Bob Buckland:

    "There are two Most Recently Used (MRU) File Lists. The one in the New Document Task Pane should be working. The one in the Files menu can be greyed out if you've used MS TWEAKUI, or a 3rd party 'customizer' such as xTeq, on your windows settings. This article has steps for reactivating the MRU setting in Tools=>Options=>General. <A target="_blank" HREF=></A>"

    Hope this helps.

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    Re: Missing recent file list (Word 2002)

    Hi Phil,

    Thanks for the info. Did as suggested and it worked, got MRU List back. Still don't have "New" on the File menu, but not a big deal as I prefer it as a button on the toolbar (quicker) or using the Task Pane, which doesn't want to stay open all the time--not sure if this is supposed to be the case or something else is screwy.

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