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    Open Word doc while composing (2007/SP1)

    I've always used Word as my Outlook editor. In previous versions of Outlook I was able to use all my customized WORD toolbars and keyboard shortcuts while composing/replying, etc. I could also OPEN Word documents while I was working on a message. That was very efficient/useful.

    No use crying because MS is protecting me from myself. Shan't even mourn the fact that I'm NOT getting full Word functionality in Outlook anymore. But I'm tired of not being able to Open/work with Word documents while I am supposedly using Word as my editor.

    Is there a utility or plug-in that would allow me to open/work with Word docs from within an active Outlook 2007 message?

    HC Crain

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    Re: Open Word doc while composing (2007/SP1)

    You can open Word separately, and use Alt+Tab to switch between Word and Outlook, as between any Windows applications. You can copy and paste, etc.

    This has its advantages: with Word as mail editor in Outlook, if you opened a dialog while composing an e-mail, you wouldn't be able to work in your Word documents until you closed the dialog. Now they operate independently of each other.

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