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    FileClose (Word 2000)

    I am running Word 2000 with Windows 98.
    Today for the first time I received a new Word error message. When I went to close a Word file, I received the following dialog box: "Microsoft Visual Basic. Compile error in hidden module FileClose."
    I was forced to hit the "OK button." I received this message whether I used the mouse or keystrokes. There was no way for me to close the file--I had to close out of Word. Each time I go back into Word it happens again. Help!?

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    Re: FileClose (Word 2000)

    Do you have access to the Macros dialog (Tools, Macro, Macros... or Alt-F8)? You can access built-in functions by opening the Macros dialog and changing the "Macros in" drop-down box in the middle to "Word Commands." This should let you save in the future.

    As for getting rid of the message, you probably have one or more global templates loading, one of which contains the offending code. Check Tools, Templates and Add-ins... and try unchecking any that are listed there. Try saving with different combinations checked and unchecked until you can identify the culprit.

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    Re: FileClose (Word 2000)

    Hi H08590,

    As jscher2000 pointed out, this is probably caused by a global template or add-in since the error message states "hidden module". Once you determine which one (if more than one) under Tools/Templates and Add-Ins is causing the problem, these are located in your WordStartup folder. This location can be obtained from Tools/Options/File Locations.

    If the global templates and add-ins list is empty then the likely cause is a COM add-in. COM add-ins are new to Word 2000 and do not appear under Tools/Templates and Add-ins.

    To view these add-ins:
    * Right-click any toolbar and select Customize
    * Go to the Commands tab
    * Select the Tools category
    * Locate COM Add-Ins on the right, drag and drop to a location of your choice on any toolbar
    * Close the Customize Toolbars dialog and run the utility
    Cheers! <img src=/S/smile.gif border=0 alt=smile width=15 height=15>

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