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    Getting movie files to run across slides as a back (Ppt2007)

    I would like to have a movie clip as a background to provide subtle motion. I've tried "insert, movie" on the slide master, then "movie options, play across slides". While the movie does play across slides, none of the other content on the various slides appear. It's as if Ppt doesn't even recognize the actual slides. The intent is to have text appear slide-by-slide on top of the constantly running movie file. I can't seem to get it to work out. Any ideas?

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    Re: Getting movie files to run across slides as a back (Ppt2007)

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    PowerPoint always plays video on top of other slide content, so you need a third-party tool to be able to play video as a background to other content. One such is 123PPT Video Background Player. It's not free, but there's a free trial download. (Note: I have no experience with this product.)

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