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    Write Conflict (2003)

    I have a form which has five tab controls. The first tab control displays data a) in a Volunteer Duty sub-form and in normal controls. The sub-form controls are bound to fields in table VolunteerDuty and the other controls are bound to fields in table Volunteers . On an Awards tab control, there is a control - DateFirstVolunteered - bound to a field in table Volunteers .
    When the first VolunteerDuty start date is entered in the Duty sub-form, the requirement is to copy that date into the DateFirstVolunteered field on the Awards tab. I decided to do this using an AfterUpdate event on control StartDate.
    When I first tried this, I got a WriteConflict error whenever I attempted to move off the sub-form - whether by clicking on a field on the same tab or by trying to move to another tab.
    I eventually fixed this by having the AfterUpdate event code save the record before copying the StartDate into the DateFirstVolunteered field.
    Two questions :
    1. Is what I have done 'safe'?
    2. Why did the error occur? This is not a shared DB and I am the only user.
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    Re: Write Conflict (2003)

    The error message is slightly misleading. When you use code to manipulate a record, Access may see this as a different "user" than the interactive user.

    If the new code doesn't cause error messages, you should be OK.

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