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    keystroke sound (2002)

    Everytime I hit a key, it makes a "chirpping" sound. Can I turn that off? I am using a Dell laptop.

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    Re: keystroke sound (2002)

    I can't identify the Chirrup noise on my PC, but I'd go into Start -> Control Panel -> Sounds and Audio Devices -> Sounds tabs and go through all the Program Events which have a little loudspeaker in front of them, and click on the right-arrow button to play the sound. When (if!) you find the Chirrup noise, you might know which is making it, and you could turn it off. Or remove that WAV file. Or something along those lines!

    Of course it might originate from somewhere else?

    Most of the WAV files are in C:WINDOWSMedia, so you could try double-clicking on each to "hunt the chirrup"!

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