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    Will Word XP code work in Word Vista? (Vista/XP)

    Hi everyone,

    I support an in-house app written for Word XP. My company has announced that we'll be migrating to Word Vista starting in a few months. I've been haring a rumor that code written in Word XP won't work in Word Vista. I've asked my IT department repeatedly and can't get an answer so I thought I'd go to people I trust and whom are much more responsive.

    Is the rumor true? Will my Word XP code work in Word Vista?

    Thanks in advance.

    P.S. The good news about us going to Vista: maybe now you'll stop hearing from me about char and table style issues!

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    Re: Will Word XP code work in Word Vista? (Vista/XP)

    Most of your VBA code will probably work unchanged. Some things will work differently and some will not work at all.

    For example code that creates toolbars and menus will need to be quite different, but code that inserts text into a document and formats it will probably be fine.


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    Re: Will Word XP code work in Word Vista? (Vista/XP)

    Just to clarify, are you are moving from Word 2002 or 2003 on Windows XP, to Word 2007 on Windows Vista? I think the core functionality would carry forward with little problem. However, as you may know, there are some major interface changes in Word 2007, so any code related to menus or toolbars will need to be reconsidered. Also, due to changes in the way user privileges work in Windows Vista, code that uses the FileSystemObject or writes to the registry might need to be tested and maybe revised.

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