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    Unexplained text (Outlook 2007)

    When I send an e-mail from Outlook and then read it via web mail, I do not see the signature but I get a short text that includes a number. If I view (still in web mail) the message as HTML, then I see the correct signature but the strange text has disappeared. If I send a mail to myself, I also see this strange text displayed in the list of mail in my inbox. Even if I open the mail, the text remains in the list. Any ideas where this might be coming from and how to get rid of it? I thought perhaps it might be the name of the jpg ion the signature, but that is not it. Nor does the number have any relation to a signature (there is only one, and the number is 3).


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    Re: Unexplained text (Outlook 2007)

    Does your company use software that adds a footer, disclaimer, or other text to the bottom of outgoing messages? Just wondering whether this might be something external to Outlook.

    Prior to Outlook 2007, the native editor would store signatures in .txt, .htm, and .rtf files in the following folder:

    Cocuments and SettingsusernameApplication DataMicrosoftSignatures

    The .htm file could be opened in WordPad or Notepad to see its source code. This would be helpful, assuming you can read HTML code, in determining whether there is some reason that the entire text of your signature is being read as a number.

    I don't know where Outlook 2007 stores its signatures, but you could try the above folder. <img src=/S/crossfingers.gif border=0 alt=crossfingers width=17 height=16>

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