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    You can’t use Apply/Filter action on this window? (A2007 (12.0.6334.5000

    I have a report with subreports and get the following message twice during the report preview:

    You can't use Apply/Filter action on this window.

    You tried to use the Apply/Filter action or method, but you didn't apply the filter to a table, query, form or

    You may have applied the filter to a form, but the form wasn't open in Form or Datasheet view.

    You may have applied the filter to a report, but didn'y use the Apply/Filter action in a macro specified by the OnOpen property setting.

    Use the SelectObject action or method to select the table, query, form or report before applying the filter.

    If I click OK to the 2 messages the report completes and looks OK

    This same report works OK for years with no messages on a2k thru a2k3 computers

    On all subreport the Filter is empty and Filter On = No

    Where should I start looking?

    Thanks, John

    PS: Reviewed all suggestion and processed all SP1 and all Hot fixes mentioned on:

    Allen Brown

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    Re: You can’t use Apply/Filter action on this window? (A2007 (12.0.6334.

    I'm afraid you will have to post more about how the report gets opened in order for any of us to be able to help you on this one. We do frequently use filters when we open a report, and many of them have subreports, and we've not seen this kind of behavior with 2007. If you can shink your app down to the essentials and attach it that would be the best approach. My apologies for not replying sooner - I've been traveling for the last week and have had a chance to visit the Lounge.

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