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    weekly report (2003)

    I generate a weekly report that shows data for sunday through saturday with a totals and average at the end of the report. The problem I have is if there is no data for a particular day, nothing shows up for that day: i.e: instead of sun mon tues wed thurs friday saturday it only shows sun tues wed thurs friday when there is no data for monday. The output data for this report is all numbers, ether numerical totals or percentages for the day. In the case where there is no data for the day, I would like to populate all of those fields with 0's and 0.0% respectively. This is a columnar report and with this problem it is confusing to the user.

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    Re: weekly report (2003)

    You could create a table that lists ALL dates, then create a query based on this table and on the table or query that acts as record source for the report.
    Join them on the relevant date field, then double click the join line and specify that all records from the date table should be returned. Use this as the new record source.
    You can use the Nz function to replace blank values with zeroes.

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