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Thread: printer hangup

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    printer hangup

    At some point after reinstalling everything on Win XP, my hp1020 laser printer developed a problem.

    It hung up somehow while trying to print something. now I cannot delete / add remove hardware. the dialog box shows "deleting", the display when I go to printers and faxes shows i copy deleting and a second copy in limbo. I have physically removed the box - unplugged and unhooked usb cable, the icon in the task bar shows printing with one document in the queue and the bar at the top of the status box shows deleting.

    I want to force the two copies to go away so I can start from scratch reinstalling, but nothing seems to work, any ideas are appreciated.


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    Re: printer hangup

    Try these things:
    To remove a print job from Windows XP:

    1. Click Start, Printers and Faxes and double-click on the printer driver.
    2. In the following screen, go to the printer menu and select Cancel All Documents. This will purge the print queue so as to allow the printer to print or uninstall the driver.
    3. If the print jobs are not removed from the queue, click Start, Run, type

    Net Stop Spooler

    and press ENTER.
    4. Click Start, Shutdown, and select Restart. The documents or the print jobs should be removed.

    If you are having a problem deleting the print jobs in the printer spooler, please do the following

    1. Restart the PC in safe mode. (To do this, go to Start, Shut Down and select Restart.)
    2. While the PC is restarting, press the F8 key at the top of the keyboard. (Note: Do not hold the key down, you may need to press it several times.)
    3. When in safe mode, click on Start, My Computer.
    4. Double-click on the (C drive.
    5. Double-click on the Windows folder.
    6. Double-click on the System32 folder.
    7. Double-click on the Spool folder.
    8. Double-click on the Printers folder.
    9. Select the contents of this folder (Alt+A) and click Delete. Note: These are the files in the righ-hand pane of the Windows Explorer window.
    10. Now reboot your computer and attempt the print jobs again. The problem should now be solved.

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