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    update on the last field (Access 2000)

    In my table Preisliste,imported from an excel worksheet, I want to update on the last field in the table.
    1. to convert all the fields from text into number
    2 to update on the last field of this table.The name of the last field may vary, and therefore I want to update on the last populated field.In my case the last populated field is F9 :
    sqlUpdateDDU = " UPDATE products INNER JOIN Preisliste ON products.code = Preisliste.Code SET products.exworks = Preisliste.F9/100;"
    But is it possible not to mention the name of the field, and to try to find out the last field ?

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    Re: update on the last field (Access 2000)

    I assume that this is the same table as in your previous post.

    I recommend cleaning up the worksheet in Excel before importing it into Access:
    - Remove rows and columns that you don't need.
    - Make sure that the first row contains valid field names.
    - Make sure that there are no text values in number or date columns.
    That way, you'll be able to use the imported table without problems.

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