I'm having a few problems...... I'm using AOL email with outlook 2002 and Kaspersky Internet Security 2009, running on Vista.

When I open Outlook, I expand "Nathan AOL", go into my inbox, and my inbox emails appear. However, I am not connected automatically to "Nathan AOL" so my new emails do not appear. To make that happen, I have to go to File > Connect to Nathan AOL, where I am faced with a password dialog, so I enter my password. I get an Outlook dialog that states "The operation was cancelled". So i repeat the process of File > Connect to Nathan AOL and always on the second attempt, a connection is established, and my new emails appear.

Then, when I send an email, the email sits in the Outbox (Under Personal Folders). To force it to send, I have to hit the Send/Receive button where I am again faced with a password dialog box where I enter password and OK, The email still does not send until I repeat the process of Send/Receive, again, always on the second attempt. Then, when the email eventually sends, it appears in sent items under both Nathan AOL and also sent items under Personal Folders. Why twice??

It has been like this for a while, but it is getting on my nerves now! So today, I deleted my Nathan AOL account from outlook, and re-created it from scratch, but the exact same issues are still there. In addition, i now have 2 Nathan AOL accounts in the folder list. The one that I deleted still appears, clicking on it states "Unable to display the folder. Microsoft Outlook could not access the specified folder location. The file C:UsersNathanAppDataLocalMicrosoftOutlookOutlookNa than AOL-00000002.pst could not be found.". I just want it gone!

I have re-booted, several times.

I have looked at all the Outlook settings and Kaspersky settings but cannot find any reason for this behaviour. It was not always like this! Any suggestions greatfully received.