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    Move a PST file from USB to USB (Outlook 2003)

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    I have a 16.1 GB PST file on one of my USB external drives. I need to move it to another USB external drive. This one has about 70GB of free space. Each time I try to move or copy the file from the old drive that has 20.8 GB free space, to the new drive that has the 70GB free space I get the Error Copying File or Folder dialog stating that there is not enough free disk space, which is not true since Windows report 70GB out of 160GB is free. Then it asks me to perform a disk cleanup. The disk cleanup utility does not see any files to delete, and thus I am thinking it must be a File Allocation Table error. But then again, I am placing this file in its own folder, and the path is not too long.

    Any ideas?


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    Re: Move a PST file from USB to USB (Outlook 2003)

    Try copying the file to an internal drive, and then if that works copy it to the target USB drive. Even if this doesn't work it will tell you which half of the operation is failing.


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