Prior to Windows XP, a number of disk defraggers (incl Norton Utilities) provided the option of sorting the directories as a part of the defrag process, - It may be a FAT, FAT32 thing but since the arrival of XP I have not seen it offered in a number of defraggers I have come across.

The reason why I ask is whenever I use the XCOPY command, it copies the files as stored in the directory (as opposed to appearance in the DIR command). This means that files and subfolders are copied to the destination directory in the order as originally discovered by XCOPY.

Then whenever I use Nero to burn stuff to CD/DVD, the file ADD dialog box does not show the files in TRUE alphabetical sort order. I need to click the filename header twice to get the program to actually perform a proper sort.

If there is any defragger that sorts directory entries under NTFS, OR is there a workaround (perhaps via script or batch file) that allows me overcome this?

Thanx in advance